The Cyclades Islands are without a doubt Greece’s best-known Greek island group. Located between Athens and Crete, the Cyclades consists of 39 islands, of which 24 are inhabited.

They offer a typical Greek scenery with their white and blue houses and small churches. Every year, millions of visitors choose Cyclades, which include well-known islands such as Mykonos, Santorini, and Paros.

However, all of the Cyclades islands are breathtakingly beautiful and picturesque! The Cyclades are an excellent summer destination for loved ones, friends, and families. They are accessible by boat and by plane if there is an airport available at the island.

The activities on each island are unique. From hiking in Oia to yachting in the waters of Mykonos paradise is there for you to discover. 

Sailors of all levels will enjoy summer’s northerly winds known as the meltemia. When on land go on hiking trails in Tinos, Syros and Andros for breathtaking views from above.

If you have a week to explore while yachting is more than enough to explore Cyclades. Turquoise waters, Greek local food and traditional architecture await to meet you.

Cyclades islands is an ideal yachting destination offering over 20 islands all within easy reach with many bays to anchor in even if you are not an experienced or adventurous cruises.

Chartering a yacht, you can enjoy every day with an island to explore and a hidden gem to discover .

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