Halkidiki is one of the most famous summer destinations in Greece. It is separated into the so-called ‘legs of Halkidiki’.

The first leg is named Kassandra and is full of popular tourist activities, luxurious hotels, and organized beaches.

The second leg is named Sithonia and the lesser known one out of all the legs but full of secluded beaches, natural beauty and traditional Greek food.

The third leg is named Mount Athos and is a monastic community. Either for short or long term visits Halkidiki is a place that you never forget! Its activities do not limit to the shore but you can as well explore Halkidiki by water.

Yachting excursions are most often used by visitors to explore the area, discover beautiful private paradises and have a fun time onboard 

While yachting on a luxury motor yacht, sailing yacht or catamaran you can escape from reality and get a great taste of a boat trip in nearby destinations.

Combine your stay in Halkidiki with a full day cruise to explore Toroneos Gulf and enjoy private luxurious moments in a unique scenery.

Chartering a yacht for many days offers the chance to spend an unforgettable night under the night summer sky accompanied by the stars and our sea friends.

Enjoy one or more days on board full of sea and sun and create an everlasting memory. 

What we offer in Halkidiki

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