The Sporades islands are located in the center of the Aegean Sea. They consist of a complex of smaller islands, each have their own unique character and incredible natural beauty. Skiathos is the most popular island in Sporades. The Aegean Islands are very popular among young people, whereas Skopelos and Alonissos have a more family vibe.

Skyros, the lesser known one but equally beautiful, has a picturesque capital city, secluded beaches, and interesting sightseeing places. All the islands are accessible by water and have activities both on land and sea. Their turquoise waters offer breathtaking sceneries and the ability to cruise around them. Yachting in Sporades offers a relaxed trip, suitable for both families and group of friends that want to have relaxed holidays on a sailing yacht, catamaran or motor yacht.

Throughout a cruise to Sporades islands, exploring will never end. Visit as many of the islands and their charming ports as possible as the unbeatable combination of clear waters, great wind conditions and beautiful secluded beaches makes it an irresistible destination for visitors from all around the world. Spend the nights onboard with a twinkle of starlight above you and a glass of wine as your loyal company.

Many sailors choose their yacht and head straight for Alonissos. That is because it’s the least crowded of the habitable islands. An ideal way to spend time sailing in the Aegean Sea is by exploring the islets around Sporades, like Kyra Panagia, Two Brothers and the famous shipwreck of Christoforos. Sporades Islands are here for you to explore and we invite you on a voyage full of the most stunning places rich of history, tradition and nature.

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